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2018-08-12 06:28:55

BUCC at Concatenate International Developers Conference

       The first international Developer conference held in Nigeria was a blast, believe me BUCC was not left out, The conference lasted two days with 23 speakers discussing everything web to the latest technologies. Fortunately some of the core -organizers of the conference Otemuyiwa Prosper was an Alumni of BUCC and also in attendance was Senior Programming tutor Babalola James. 


      Gladly we had some of our own at the event Sobogun Ifeoluwa, Former BUCC dev Enkay and the rest. It was an amazing event to link up with friends for our current memebers, in attendance was Lead Developer BUCC Onamade Korede and BUCC dev team memeber Akinsanya Adeolu, definitely wouldn't miss Falomo Oreoluwa. The conference was a very insightfull with speakers form Microsoft, Netflix, Gatsbyjs and lots top SIlicon Valley companies. Some of the speakers are

  • Sani Yusuf from ionic 
  • Simona Cotin
  • Christian Nwamba from
  • Ire Aderinokun
  • Brian Holt etc

The prescence of our memebers at an international conference speaks a lot of the goals and vison of BUCC, we are tech driven , passionate about building solutions  and creating an inclusive community of mavericks is our priority. Of course we could have higher number of participants, we encourage other members of the club to always take date of gathering such as this and definitely BUCC would be hosting some too